Johnny Lawson, Longarmchat.com

I was hosting with GoDaddy in the beginning, but their inflexible packages caused me to look else were. At the current time, my part time employer was hosting a dedicated server with Bird Hosting. Going back and forth between my VPS at GoDaddy and the VPS my employer had with Bird Hosting – I was amazed and also frustrated with the difference – primarily with the inability to expand my VPS at GoDaddy. I had a 10GB HDD / 512MB RAM VPS at GoDaddy running Windows. I wanted more space and more memory but GoDaddy’s limit was 10gigs for Windows – period. Longarmchat.com which had been growing over the past year and was right at the limit of 10 gigs with the photo storage and videos we had.

I got in touch with Bird Hosting and they offered me a Windows VPS with 40 GB HDD / 2GB memory for just a little more then I was paying at GoDaddy. On top of that – they even offered to back it up which I have used due to my own mistake a couple of times already. GoDaddy never auto-backed up my stuff which was another reason I had no hesitation of switching.

To date – I have 10 sites hosted on my single VPS (some using Coldfusion / SQL) and others just static. After a year in March – I feel comfortable with making my recommendation for Bird Hosting as to where I can stand behind it. Their support is in English and straight forward. No need to have to work your way up the call rep levels – the first person you talk to can handle any issue you have right there from their desk. I always got the runaround or had to tell GoDaddy I’m not stupid for them to push me up to a higher level of support. So, bye bye Danica :-)