Private AppLogic Cloud


Private Software and Hardware for your customized solution

100% control of the software and hardware is yours. You have the ability to setup exactly to your specifications, yet allow for instant scalability for specific applications. Bird Hosting provides a platform that allows complete control of your application. We provide the hardware, network, and support for your fully private cloud that you can control to your heart’s desire.

Our sales team is extremely knowledgable and experienced with many different hardware configurations that work optimally with each of our supported technologies. Contact our sales team so we can guide you with reaching the perfect solution.


The versatile nature of our cloud systems allow a custom cloud enabled to work for you. Our platforms shine when it comes to cluster deployment and management. While deployment on other platforms can take days to weeks, typical clusters our solutions take a few hours to design and deploy. AppLogic uses advanced virtualization technologies to be completely compatible with existing operating systems, middleware and web applications. Our solutions can provide an entire N-tier application or service into a logical entity and manage it as a single system.
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With your own Private Cloud, we provide you the ability to design your applications using a visual interface. These can be as simple as a Virtual Dedicated Server on your cloud, to clusters of components such as LAMP and WISA stacks. You can set how your cloud’s components interact with each other. Thanks to our advanced Background Fabric Controller design, creating your private cloud is extremely fast, efficient, and automated.

pictureDedicated Hardware

We provide secure dedicated resources that only you can access. When setting up a cluster, you can allocate the exact amount of cpu, ram, and hard drive space per server, per instance.

picturePre-Built Apps

We have setup many different solutions for our clients. Because of this, we have a collection of 30+ templates for you to base your private cloud and application on. If none of these templates seem to fit your needs, our team will work with you to create that perfect setup you require.

24/7 Online Support System

Our staff monitors all the servers in your private cloud to make sure they are available and functioning properly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive for 100% uptime, all the time. You can submit a support request and expect a reply back from our professional support staff within minutes. Bird Hosting is determined to provide the best possible support for our clients, and we have been doing just that since day 1.
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