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Boston Magazine releases exclusive images of Boston bombing suspect, causing their site to increase 6000% in website traffic. Bird Hosting handles the traffic spike without a problem.

What would happen if you released a viral news story on your website resulting in a traffic spike of over 50 million hits in 9 hours? Can your hosting provider handle it? What about sustained peak traffics of over 700Mbps? Bird Hosting has got you covered.

Courtesy Boston Magazine
Courtesy Boston Magazine – Photo by Sean Murphy

An article written by Boston Magazine’s Editor In Chief, John Wolfson instantly became viral and multinational news when never before seen photos of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were leaked to on Thursday by Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Sean Murphy.

Due to the exclusivity of the photos released, the article on Boston Magazine’s website was generating over 60 times peak traffic. The amount of the attention the article gained was unprecedented and required fast action from Bird Hosting’s Director of Technology, Lewis George.

“Through our advanced Server Clusters technology including CDN integration, Varnish caching and our near limitless vertical scalability in our public clouds, we were easily able to sustain the huge increase in traffic without a problem,” stated Lewis George.

Lewis and his dedicated support staff worked throughout the night to ensure Boston Magazine’s website was optimized and could handle the unexpected amount of site hits.

CEO, Michael Wallace reported, “ is still generating a very healthy amount of traffic and performing quite well. Our technology partners CA AppLogic and 10up have been a huge contribution in the success of our public cloud’s vertical scalability.”

You can view the article and photos on Boston Magazine’s website HERE.