Hosting News Launches State Of The Art Hosting Services For Modern Clients

SEATTLE, WA June 18, 2007, Bird Hosting Inc. is quickly gaining a lot of attention in the Pacific Northwest and beyond thanks to an impressive suite of hosting services that focus on helping modern clients fly into the future of cloud computing online.

Backed by more than a decade of experience servicing clients with high tech businesses, nonprofit organizations and personal web presence goals; Bird Hosting focus on the fine tuning of top tier technology as means to a very simple objective. “Within five years we expect to be one the largest and most respected cloud computing companies in the world” said Michael Wallace, President and Founder of Bird Hosting. “Right now a lot of site owners think of their server as a singular piece of machinery that allows them to connect with the outside world. Cloud computing turns that notion on its head by making entire networks of fully optimized servers capable of responding in concert to accomplish tasks and offer new performance benchmarks that no single piece of hardware could reach on its own. As site owners step off the server and into the cloud, Bird Hosting will be there to provide service, support and guidance to ensure their launches all go as smoothly as ours has gone.”

Bird Hosting Inc. is a forward thinking company ready for the challenges if the next decade and focused on the cloud computing market which is ripe for growth presently. “As the data requirements of site owners and the bandwidth available to consumers continue to grow exponentially, the need for forward thinking developers and dynamic hosting services capable of efficiently processing data requests will grow significantly as well” said Wallace. “When our clients are ready to leave the nest and head for the clouds, we are there making sure that they get the services and support they need to reach the highest altitude quickly, and with a degree of stability sufficient to keep them aloft so they can focus on their core business and maximize the returns on their technology investments.”

A team of industry veterans with experience in many facets of online development, web hosting and technical support – Bird Hosting Inc. is poised to put those words into action, and their clients are already starting to chirp their praises for a hosting company that is climbing quickly.