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Bird Hosting adds SSD based cloud offerings

Solid State Drives… They are blazing fast and insanely expensive, but if you have had the chance to use them, then you know what a world of difference they can make. The technology has come far enough in maturity, that we are safe to say we can use them in our Cloud Servers.

“Our SSD Cloud based servers are built with the enterprise-grade components to give you the best performance and stability. Our latest SSD Cloud based servers have over twice the CPU performance and 10 times the Disk I/O compared to last year’s non-Cloud Servers. This places our Cloud based servers among the fastest in the industry,” said Brent Presley, CBO.

Our current and future clients will be pleased to know that we are now offering SSD based Cloud Servers. Jason Detar, COO stated, “We’re constantly looking to improve our service offerings and provide the best technologies to our customers. Moving forward with SSD based storage is another step towards that commitment of innovation.”

With these super fast servers, you will see an increase in CPU performance of up to 30% compared to previous Cloud Servers. Disk I/O has improved 5-10 times while memory bandwidth has jumped nearly 50%. But the improvements do not stop there. SSDs allowed us to improve efficiency by up to 2 times current implementations, thus making us a greener company.

“We saw that there some differences with mechanical disks compared to SSDs, and that’s, simply put, Solid State Drives are faster. With SSDs we are able to do more, and offer customers better random disk operations, ” said Michael Wallace, CEO.

Improved performance across the board, environmentally friendly and ready for deployment, these SSD based Cloud Servers can be yours, today! Just ask us how!