Hosting News

Boston Magazine releases exclusive images of Boston bombing suspect, causing their site to increase 6000% in website traffic. Bird Hosting handles the traffic spike without a problem.

What would happen if you released a viral news story on your website resulting in a traffic spike of over 50 million hits in 9 hours? Can your hosting provider handle it? What about sustained peak traffics of over 700Mbps? … Continue reading

OnApp: Our new Cloud Servers platform

As we position AppLogic as our Cloud Server Cluster solution, we will be moving to OnApp for our Cloud Server clients.  OnApp will allow us to provide better solutions to our Cloud Server customers along with higher performance for our … Continue reading

US-CERT Warns of WordPress Sites Targeted by Mass Brute-force Botnet Attack

We are currently working on an article related to password strength and overall security guidelines one should take while hosting sites and email.  Before that is ready to be distributed, we wanted to share some vital information released by the … Continue reading

Customer Service: Priority One

Question:  Would you prefer a human or computer when trying to get customer service? If you answered computer, then please do not read on.  But, if you were one of many who answered human, by all means, read this article. … Continue reading

Bird Hosting adds SSD based cloud offerings

Solid State Drives… They are blazing fast and insanely expensive, but if you have had the chance to use them, then you know what a world of difference they can make. The technology has come far enough in maturity, that … Continue reading

CA To Acquire Cloud Computing Solution Provider 3Tera

ISLANDIA, N.Y., March 25, 2010 – CA, Inc. (NASDAQ:CA) today announced the completion of its acquisition of cloud-computing pioneer 3Tera®, Inc., whose AppLogic® offers an innovative solution for building cloud services and deploying complex enterprise-class applications to public and private … Continue reading Launches State Of The Art Hosting Services For Modern Clients

SEATTLE, WA June 18, 2007, Bird Hosting Inc. is quickly gaining a lot of attention in the Pacific Northwest and beyond thanks to an impressive suite of hosting services that focus on helping modern clients fly into the future of … Continue reading