Environmental Statement

Bird Hosting is a leading edge digital hosting company with a conscience. We make every effort to maximize the value of our services for our clients by providing the connectivity that their businesses and non-profit interests require, but we are also aware of our responsibility in the larger sense to maintain a sustainable and reasonable environmental footprint at each step along the way.

Our environmental savings come primarily from actions that we take to minimize waste and avoid unnecessary redundant expenditures of energy. The advancements in Cloud Hosting technologies and our early decision to move to cloud platforms have provided real world results that can be easily and clearly stated in terms of dollars and cents – but the more significant outcome is a cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly impact for all of our day to day operations.

Bird Hosting now utilizes Cloud Hosting for greater than 94% of its bandwidth and server capabilities. The Cloud Hosting platform allows us to use capacity that would have become ‘wasted server loads’ using a more traditional technical schematic. What this means in layman terms is that Bird Hosting minimizes every fine-tuned detail of our server usage and power consumption by maximizing what would otherwise be considered ‘dead space’ or ‘excess throughput.’ Servers that are not in use in our datacenters are automatically powered down by our Cloud controllers.  When demand increases, the system powers these servers back on for additional resource utilization.

Since our move to our current architecture in 2009, Bird Hosting has managed to reduce the environmental footprint of our Seattle Datacenter from seven full racks of inefficient equipment to a cloud based system that uses less than one full rack of space. We also curtailed our power consumption from nine 208v 20amp Circuits to a single 208v 30 amp circuit which is capable of powering tens of thousands of exceptionally responsive websites and online applications for our clients. To give you some perspective on the significance of these moves, Bird Hosting reduced the cost of our electricity bills from roughly $4,320.00 per month to just shy of $560.00 per month (an amazing 87% reduction in power costs on a monthly basis). Best of all, that savings is passed along to our clients with reduced monthly fees, and in essence just by hosting with our company you are taking a green initiative to save money and sustain the world we all live on.

It is very important to keep in mind that the goal of environmental sustainability does not compete with our parallel goal of providing the greatest data security possible anywhere in the world. Redundant servers and state of the art software have no environmental costs because they are dormant until needed. Our guarantee to keep your sites online all the time coexists perfectly with our guarantee to maintain our environment for our neighbors while keeping our promises to our clients.

Bird Hosting is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, an area of the world well-known for solving environmental difficulties and overcoming perceived obstacles when it comes to conservation. We are rooted in these important ecological values and it even shows in our company name. With data centers in Dallas and Washington DC we are helping to bring our green ideas to other communities in the hope that we can be an example both in word and in deed for tech companies, conservationists, and the public. Green is the color of vegetation and the color of money. Being green helps Bird Hosting save both.

Michael Wallace
President and CEO
Bird Hosting Inc.